Truffle in Italy

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truffle hunting in Italy

Truffle in Italy is well known and appreciated since the Roman times. During the Renaissance, among the nobles, the Italian truffle was the undisputed protagonist of any banquet. As the decades passed, truffle hunting in Italy became a real entertainment activity for those who lived in the noble courts. Truffle hunting in Umbria is an old age tradition. Umbria produces the highest number of black truffles in Italy, whose quality is famous throughout the world. Truffles are an integral part of Umbrian cuisine and culture. That of the truffle hunter, is a hard work made of deep love for the land, intelligent observation, waiting and great satisfaction. We will take advantage of his wise guide, assisted by an incomparable four-legged scout, to learn the secrets of this noble tuber, through a naturalistic path of great beauty. And for those who still have some questions at the end of the hunt? Do not worry, the experience can only end with a delicious truffle-based tasting* that will dissolve any doubt!


 *or truffle menu lunch/dinner upon request

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umbria black truffle

Requirements: suitable for everyone                          Duration: 1 hour 30 minutes

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